About Me

Who I am

 About me in 10 words:
Writer, editor, conservationist, animal lover, farmer, activist, work in progress.

I’ve had a love affair with words my entire life, reading and writing from an early age, transported by words and a writer’s vision to new places, new worlds, and new perspectives. In all of their richness of texture and nuance, singly or strung together artfully, their ability to transport and inform, to entertain and enlighten, to move, encourage, provoke, connect, heal, and resonate… words are endlessly captivating to me.  From the beginning, my favorite subject has been animals and nature, and if I’m not out in nature, I’m reading or writing about it for pleasure or publishing.  

What I do

With over 20 years of experience, including 13 years in the engineering field, I have the ability to craft and polish, to intuitively as well as intellectually understand how to improve a sentence, and how to keep content simple while making it compelling and engaging, as well as creating visually clean and easy to read documents.  

Specialties: Nature and wildlife, environmental, healthy living and lifestyle, sustainability/green living, holistic healing and metaphysical arts, pet care, livestock husbandry and gardening/farming. 

Certificate in Editing, University of Washington, 2006. 

Member, Northwest Editors Guild