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I have a passion for words and language, nature and animals, and for helping others. Let my passion ignite your project.



As a writer and editor and VA, my passion is working with words.  Whether writing copy, blogging, editing a manuscript, or formatting and proofreading a report, my pleasure is making words shine and ensuring your presentations "pop."


Be it books, articles, reports,  brochures, newsletters, social media, website text or marketing materials, my overriding commitment  is to preserving and clearly communicating my  client’s vision and message. 


My well-rounded life experience, big picture thinking, and logical, common sense approach, combined with wit, a positive outlook, and dedication to ease and objectivity provides you with holistic service and satisfying results.


My Services


“Good writing is like a windowpane.”  ~ George Orwell 

Clear, concise, informative, entertaining, personal. All writing imparts information, whether telling a story or instructing how to—and some of the most memorable writing combines the two—grow a garden, raise a puppy, or stay healthy during flu season. Be it informing your current and potential customers about your business or new product, or keeping clients up to date with your services, I am here to help you with:

· Newsletters · Brochures · Articles · Web Content · Profiles · Ad Copy · Company Communications · Blogs · Catalog Copy ·
· Word Processing · And much more!



“I have made this letter longer than usual, only because I have not had the time to make it shorter.” ~ Blaise Pascal

Similar to the surgeon’s creed of “get in, get it, get out,” editing is get to your point, make your point, and leave it. Easy to say; tough to do. And, yes, time consuming, as the draft is polished and refined into a clean, clear text, and the voice of the author is not only intact, but vibrant and well defined. An editor brings out the best in a writer, and the reader benefits. Editing services comprise the following:

· Proofreading · Copyediting ·  Substantive Editing · Technical Editing 

I am also here to provide assistance with navigating the publishing process, whether working with an agent and publisher or self-publishing. 

Virtual Assistant

"Keep Calm and hire a Virtual Assistant"

My VA work follows the same mission as my writing and editing, not only making my clients' lives easier by providing the help they need, but making them look great at the same time. Hire me if you want to be more productive, if your business is growing, if your schedule overwhelms you, or if you want to spend more time on your passion. I can help with organizational tasks, scheduling, tracking, making phone calls, and word processing those important documents. 

About Me

About me in 10 words: 

Writer, editor, conservationist, animal lover, farmer, activist, work in progress.

I’ve had a love affair with words my entire life, reading and writing from an early age, transported by words and a writer’s vision to new places, new worlds, and new perspectives. In all of their richness of texture and nuance, singly or strung together artfully, their ability to transport and inform, to entertain and enlighten, to move, encourage, provoke, connect, heal, and resonate… words are endlessly captivating to me.  From the beginning, my favorite subject has been animals and nature, and if I’m not out in nature, I’m reading or writing about it for pleasure or publishing.  

With over 20 years of experience, including 13 years in the engineering field, I have the ability to craft and polish, to intuitively as well as intellectually understand how to improve a sentence, and how to keep it simple while making it compelling and engaging.

Specialties: Nature and wildlife, healthy living and lifestyle, sustainability/green living, holistic healing and metaphysical arts, pet care, livestock husbandry and gardening/farming. 

Certificate in Editing, University of Washington, 2006.

Member, Northwest Independent Editors Guild  


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