Maureen Finn
Writer and Editor

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About me in 10 words: Writer, editor, conservationist, animal lover, farmer, activist, work in progress.

I’ve had a love affair with words my entire life, reading and writing from an early age, transported by words and a writer’s vision to new places, new worlds, and new perspectives.
A favorite topic has always been animals and nature, and
if I’m not out in nature, I’m reading or writing about it
for pleasure or publication.

As a freelance writer and editor I specialize in animals
and nature, environmental issues and wildlife conservation,
green living and sustainable lifestyles, home and garden, health/healthy living, farming, and animal health and care.

With over 20 years of experience, I have the ability to craft and polish, to intuitively as well as intellectually understand how to improve a sentence, and how to keep it simple while also making it compelling and engaging.

My well rounded life experience, big picture thinking,
and logical, common sense approach, combined with wit, a positive outlook and dedication to ease and objectivity provides my clients with holistic service and satisfying results.

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